🎉📖📚Children’s book week📚📖🎉

📖Librarians favorite children’s book and interview.📖

Librarian Kim’s favorite children’s book is Corduroy by Don Freeman 🐻

Corduroy is a sweet little stuffed animal bear ready to move to his forever home. Day after day he waits with all the other stuffed animals in the department store for someone to take him home. It seems like forever and like he may possibly never leave his little shelf in the store. Until one day a little girl sees him! She asks her mother if they can buy him. The little girls mom tells her ‘Not today dear, I’ve spent to much already. Besides he doesn’t look new. He lost the button to one of his shoulder straps.’ And so begins Corduroys journey to find the missing button and a forever home.

NTCL: How old were you the first time you heard this story?
Kim: “maybe 5 or 6?”
NTCL: Who is your favorite character in the story?
Kim: “Corduroy! I sympathized with him and thought he was so cute.”
NTCL: Who was the first person to read it to you?
Kim: “Our school Librarian at the time Mrs. Bratvold.”
NTCL: Did the story end the way you hoped it would?
Kim: “Yes, Corduroy got the one thing he wanted the most, and more.”

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Librarian Kim holding up her favorite children’s story.

🎉📚📖Children’s book week📖📚🎉

🎉📖 In Honor of children’s book week, the librarians at the New Town City library will be sharing their favorite children’s books with you and a small interview. 📖🎉

Librarian Julie’s favorite children’s book is Georgie by Robert Bright.

Georgie is a gentle and friendly little ghost, who happily haunts the home of Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker. Creaking the loose board on the stairs and giving the parlor door a little squeak every night. Until his world is turned topsy-turvy and he must find a new home to haunt.

NTCL: Julie, The first time you heard this story, how old were you?
Julie: “I was three.”
NTCL: Who is your favorite character in the story?
Julie: “Georgie of course, but it should be Herman the Savior and hero.”
NTCL: Who was the first person to read it to you?
Julie: “My mother or my babysitter?”
NTCL: Did the story end the way you thought it would?
Julie: “It ended the way I always hoped it would. I would not change a thing about the story maybe make it a little shorter.”

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Librarian Julie holding up her favorite children’s book Georgie

November 8th – 14th

Children’s book week is November 8-14th. Please help Libraries, Schools, bookstores, and families like you celebrate! Visit your local library for a story! At home you can participate in the fun too! we’ve came up a few ideas for some at home fun below.

  • Share your favorite childhood Children’s book with someone around you.
  • Check out new Children’s authors.
  • Read a children’s Book and do a craft to go along with it.
  • Create a book nook or a cozy reading area in your home.

The Kid’s Book Choice Awards


Don’t forget to cast your votes for the Kids Book Choice Awards. The Kids Book Choice awards are the only national book awards voted solely on by kids and teens. The awards provide young readers with an opportunity to voice their opinions about the books being written for them. Kids Book Choice awards voting is open until November 14. Encourage your young readers to ‘Voice Their Choice’ about the books they love in 15 fun and awesome categories. Here is the link to cast your vote! https://everychildareader.net/vote/

Story Hour-10/8 Fire prevention week

with Special Guest Fire Fighter/ Fire Prevention officer from the city of New Town Fire Dept. Will Thelen

Fireman Thelen Demonstrating how his fire suit works.
Fireman Thelen showing his firetruck to the children and parents.
A firehouse puppy made by one of our story hour children.
Librarian Samantha showing off her firehouse puppy.

For fire prevention week the New Town city library read Little Critter – Going to the Firehouse By Mercer Mayer and made firehouse puppies as a craft. They also got to visit with a real Fireman. We were very fortunate enough to have our local fire department come in during story hour. Fireman Thelen got to demonstrate how his fireman suit works and show the children and their parents what the fire engine looks like inside. A very huge heart felt thank you from the New Town City Library and staff to the New Town Fire Department and Fireman Thelen for helping make this possible! Thank You New Town Fire Department for all You do and helping us and our community to stay safe!

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