summer reading program 2023 activity


Please click on and read flyer below for more information.

If you have any other questions please feel free to come on down to the New Town City Library located on Main Street in New Town or give us a call!🌟


The North Dakota State Library and the North Dakota Library Coordinating Council have contacted our library via NDSL to inform us we have achieved the EXCELLING level for the NDLCC standards for Public Libraries. The NDSL and NDLCC adopted new standards in 2019. To be considered Excelling, a library must meet the standards at both the developing and Excelling levels. The New Town City Library is one of seven libraries to achieve the excelling level. We’re so elated to share this proud moment with you all, thank you!

Letter Received by the NDSL Mary Soucie – State Librarian
L-R Library Director Julie Herbel and Librarian Assistant Kimberly Blue standing outside in front of the New Town City library holding the Excelling Award.


HELLO! Easter is around the corner and we will be hosting two Easter Egg hunt events. One will be on a Friday during story hour March 31st 2023. The second one will be Tuesday April 4th 2023 4-5PM. Get your Easter Baskets ready and come join us for an eggcellent time!

Information is listed on flyers below, if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns you may contact Julie, Lexi, or Kim with the library 701-627-4846

Blind Date/Play date with a Book

How to do a blind date (or play date for children) with a book at the New Town City Library:

Read the description on the wrapping paper, choose a book and check it out at the front desk, take the book home, unwrap, and read.

Fill out the “Rate your Date” card an bring the card and book to the library by close of business on March 3, 2023 to be entered in a drawing. Repeat if time allows and Have Fun!


New Town Chamber Car Show

The New Town Chamber is gearing up for the annual Car show and the City Library didn’t want to miss out on any of the action! The Library will be hosting a children’s activity for this community event. There are three age divisions to register for ages 3+YEARS, 5+YEARS, and 9+YEARS. Upon registering and signing up with the library your child will receive a car kit to build/decorate and complete on the due date. This activity is for everyone and free. All cars will be displayed during the car show and than each age division we be judged for “BEST OF SHOW” and “POPULAR VOTE” prizes will then be awarded to those who place. On the flyer below a list of work dates and the completion date are provided. if you have any further question please feel free to call the library at 701-627-4846.

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