New Town Chamber Car Show

The New Town Chamber is gearing up for the annual Car show and the City Library didn’t want to miss out on any of the action! The Library will be hosting a children’s activity for this community event. There are three age divisions to register for ages 3+YEARS, 5+YEARS, and 9+YEARS. Upon registering and signingContinue reading “New Town Chamber Car Show”


🎉📖📚Children’s book week📚📖🎉

📖Librarians favorite children’s book and interview.📖 Librarian Kim’s favorite children’s book is Corduroy by Don Freeman 🐻 Corduroy is a sweet little stuffed animal bear ready to move to his forever home. Day after day he waits with all the other stuffed animals in the department store for someone to take him home. It seemsContinue reading “🎉📖📚Children’s book week📚📖🎉”

🎉📚📖Children’s book week📖📚🎉

🎉📖 In Honor of children’s book week, the librarians at the New Town City library will be sharing their favorite children’s books with you and a small interview. 📖🎉 Librarian Julie’s favorite children’s book is Georgie by Robert Bright. Georgie is a gentle and friendly little ghost, who happily haunts the home of Mr. andContinue reading “🎉📚📖Children’s book week📖📚🎉”