🎉📚📖Children’s book week📖📚🎉

🎉📖 In Honor of children’s book week, the librarians at the New Town City library will be sharing their favorite children’s books with you and a small interview. 📖🎉

Librarian Julie’s favorite children’s book is Georgie by Robert Bright.

Georgie is a gentle and friendly little ghost, who happily haunts the home of Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker. Creaking the loose board on the stairs and giving the parlor door a little squeak every night. Until his world is turned topsy-turvy and he must find a new home to haunt.

NTCL: Julie, The first time you heard this story, how old were you?
Julie: “I was three.”
NTCL: Who is your favorite character in the story?
Julie: “Georgie of course, but it should be Herman the Savior and hero.”
NTCL: Who was the first person to read it to you?
Julie: “My mother or my babysitter?”
NTCL: Did the story end the way you thought it would?
Julie: “It ended the way I always hoped it would. I would not change a thing about the story maybe make it a little shorter.”

Please visit our Facebook page at Facebook.com/newtowncitylibrary/ to hear Julie read her favorite story to you online in a previous post.

Librarian Julie holding up her favorite children’s book Georgie

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