One Reply to “Story Hour”

  1. Dear Library Director:

    Please share and forward this announcement with your extended family, and friends. My new publication is available in paperback copy on . Amazon Kindle is also available.

    My latest book, According to Festus: Profound Words
    of Wisdom by Festus Haggen of Gunsmoke Fame With Supporting Biblical Proverbs was
    recently published in August 2016. It is available on in
    paperback and Kindle e-book.
    According To Festus© is a collection of 206 sayings and 71 stories of wisdom by Festus Haggen of Gunsmoke©
    fame. Festus’ sayings and stories are correlated to Biblical Proverbs and Bible
    references. I hope you enjoy reading and pondering them as much as I did when I
    compiled them. Actor Ken Curtis as Festus was a constant source of joy, wit and
    laughter. He was a gifted entertainer. Festus Haggen was no saint, but he
    possessed a deep sense of goodness, loyalty and wisdom.  Readers will find the supporting Biblical
    Proverbs and Bible references in According to Festus thought provoking
    and introspective. They show the ‘humanness’ of Deputy Marshal Festus Haggen
    and if we look closely into his character we may even see ourselves.
    Festus’ sayings and comments are a treasure of commentary
    by a man who can neither read nor write. Everyday events in his life in Dodge
    City, Kansas in the post Civil War period are filled with crime, and he
    encounters all manner of personalities while carrying out law and order and justice
    on the western prairie.
    “It’s as true as wings to a bird!”
    Ps. 55.6: And I said, Oh that I had wings
    like a dove! For then would I fly away, and be at rest.
    26. “I’ve
    seen greed in a hog’s eye before and I’m see’n it in yours!”
    Prov. 11.24,26: One man gives freely, yet
    grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers
    want. The people curse him who holds back grain, but a blessing is on the head
    of him who sells it.
    Richard L. Hamilton, Author

    Other Published Books:
        “Oh Hast Thou Forgotten”
        “Shiloh to Durham Station”
        “Pals Forever”
        “Dearest Lydia”
        “A Man From Montana”
        “The Plant, Oh Quality Where Art Thou”


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