Ice Cream Fun!

1545584_10204031942775788_625311378424357152_n 1919646_10204031944855840_8212485798333795876_n 10308551_10204031940495731_7537328454767920412_n 10342423_10204031940575733_7947798509025366967_n 10346297_10204031942815789_6417259964982480728_n 10406823_10204031940535732_4638437844123255763_n 10441343_10204031936975643_1113260870844688174_n 10517515_10204031944775838_3258690961216533541_n 10525600_10204031942935792_2274974888332858507_n 10538609_10204031944815839_5207314243151456799_n 10565254_10204031937015644_1570535930512388665_n 10565263_10204031942855790_3597541170832314111_n


Levi won the Kindle Fire for reading the most books and Gavin won second place and received a $50 Amazon gift card.

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